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Britons Prosecuted for Flouting Driving Laws Abroad

Posted in General News on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

The number of drivers, from the UK, that are being investigated for traffic offences that they committed abroad has increased significantly over the last three years. The number of applications made by foreign prosecutors to the British authorities in pursuit of unlawful UK motorists rose from 138 in 2014 to 1,625 in 2016. This is according to data provided by the mass media firm, Thomson Reuters. It is thought that the rise in these figures since 2014 can be put down to the introduction of new EU laws which allow enforcement organisations to share driver details across borders. The term for this type of corporation between countries is Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA). Kevin McCormac, Editor of Wilkinson’s Road Traffic Offences, a legal guide, commented: “Many UK drivers abroad are caught out due to being unaware of local road traffic laws, which can be a costly mistake if it results in a hefty fine or legal proceedings. It has never been easier for foreign prosecutors to request information to track down British drivers.”

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David B Sears's Gravatar
David B Sears

Tuesday, October, 3rd, 2017

Why is it that the same laws are not applied to foreign drivers in the UK? How many times have I seen six children herded in to the back of a car driven by a foreign driver, a car mean't to hold three adults maximum in the back seat. Or, how many times have I been blinded by a left-hand drive car were the lights have not been adjusted for driving on the right. Should checks not be carried out with all foreign cars at the border of entry ie. all ferry ports around Great Britain before allowing them onto our road system. I used to drive coaches through France and was stopped a number of times and told my tachograph was showing over the limit of 56KPH, it was only after 200 pack of cigarettes was accepted that we were allowed to carry on without further intimidation. Even passengers were witness to this form of blackmail. This is why I voted out of Europe, how can you have laws that are not uniform across the whole of Europe, speed limits for one should have been introduced across the whole, not country by country!!! Cameras in France are hidden, in GB they are not. Speeds in Germany result in horrendous crashes, yet are still allowed. Maybe, Europe would have been a success if good laws had been introduced across the whole of Europe, instead of individually?