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Fraudulent Car Insurance Claims Rise

Posted in General News on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

Fraudulent car insurance claims known as ‘crash for cash’ claims have become a serious problem in the UK and thanks to a study conducted by the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), the top 30 postcode areas where these types of claims are made most often have been revealed. At the top of the list with five of its postcodes appearing in the top ten was the city of Birmingham. The study revealed that drivers in the North West are the ones that are at the most risk of being a victim of this scam with Manchester having five postcodes in the top 30 as well as Oldham and Bolton also featuring regularly on the list. The IFB is hopeful that this data will help to identify the parts of the UK where this scam is carried out most often and enable them to work in conjunction with the police and the UK’s insurers to tackle the issue. Ben Fletcher, IFB Director, commented: “These hotspots may be the worst affected areas for these types of scams, but crash for cash collisions can happen anywhere, so it’s imperative that road users are aware of them, exercise appropriate caution and if they believe they’ve been a victim, report it as soon as they can.”

In 2016 the Insurance Fraud Taskforce (IFT) shared insurance data with a number of anti-fraud organisations and worked in collaboration with insurers and regulatory bodies to detect which people are carrying out this scam. Despite these efforts, data collected by the insurance company, Aviva reportedly showed that the company has come across a new ‘crash for cash’ claimant every three hours since the IFT’s initiative was put in place.

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James Stevens's Gravatar
James Stevens

Tuesday, October, 3rd, 2017

I agree with Roy Holt 100% spot on.

David Williams 's Gravatar
David Williams

Wednesday, October, 4th, 2017

Unfortunately the area's mentioned, do not come as a surprise to me. One only has to look at the communities who have a large populus in those area's, as with another comment on this story, I am unable to say or print the race or nationality of these people, due to political correctness. I and many others see these people getting away with absolutely what they want , because if anyone says anything or the police attempts to arrest or prosecute them, they just scream racism. Sorry but wake up and smell the coffee.

Roy Holt's Gravatar
Roy Holt

Tuesday, October, 3rd, 2017

Of course the figures will not show the nationalities of the claimants involved. That would be non PC, but would certainly show the group(s) responsible for such blatant criminality. Of course this will not happen in this country, where pandering to such people in this has become endemic. Long past time PC and its advocates were thrown in the bin where they so rightly belong.