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Campaign for all Mobile Phones to be Driver Safe

Posted in General News on Friday, September 15th, 2017

A number of road safety charities are now asking mobile phone manufacturers to ensure that their phones have a safe driving mode which disables all calls and texts while people are driving. The campaign was started by the RAC Foundation and, so far, it has been supported by the road safety charity, Brake which has recently launched, Be Phone Smart. Brake has written to several mobile phone companies including Android and Microsoft and it has also written to the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association, a body which supports mobile operators worldwide, to ask them to support the campaign. The Director of Campaigns at Brake, Jason Wakefield said: “As a society, we have become addicted to our mobile phones, but a split second distraction caused by a call, text or notification behind the wheel can be deadly. The industry must play its part and include technology as standard which helps keep drivers’ attention on the road, saving lives and preventing serious injuries.” Statistics show that people who use their mobile phones while driving are up to four times more likely to be involved in accident.

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PambQick's Gravatar

Friday, September, 15th, 2017

Fantastic idea. I rarely put the radio on while driving as this is another distraction

Alan Taylor's Gravatar
Alan Taylor

Friday, September, 15th, 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 phones has had 'driving mode' since it was released. When activated properly it replies, automatically to any text/call informing that, person is 'driving and will contact when safe to do so.

Alan Taylor's Gravatar
Alan Taylor

Friday, September, 15th, 2017

It is the driver to blame, not the phone companies. Don't blame the technology blame the user.

Bill Ross's Gravatar
Bill Ross

Saturday, September, 16th, 2017

Four times more likely to be involved in an accident? What's an accident? A collision between two vehicles or a vehicle and a pedestrian caused by a vehicle driver using a phone is never an accident. The correct term today is RTC, Road Traffic Collision. An accident is an unfortunate incident that couldn't be avoided. It doesn't automatically belong to any collision on roads. I've even heard of deliberate acts of attempted murder by use of a vehicle referred to as an accident. How silly is that?

David Nixon's Gravatar
David Nixon

Sunday, September, 17th, 2017

My wife suggested this a couple of years ago I thought it was a great idea.