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69% of Motorists Unaware of Minimum Legal Tread Depth

Posted in General News on Friday, September 1st, 2017

According to a survey conducted by the vehicle valuation company, Venson Automotive Solutions, the majority of motorists (69%) do not know that the minimum legal tread depth for the tyres on a vehicle is 1.6mm. At the moment, illegal tyres are a contributing factor in 40% of all UK road traffic accidents. Despite this statistic, the company’s survey also revealed that 31% of motorists do not take the time to check the condition of their tyres and assume that their car’s MoT or service will bring any tyre issues to light. When it comes to the correct procedures, only 4% of the respondents were able to say that they check their tyre tread depth once a week. Tyre pressure checks are also often forgotten about as 44% of those surveyed said that they only conduct tyre pressure checks before going on a long journey as opposed to regularly.

Gil Kelly, Operations Director at Venson Automotive Solutions, commented: “Crucially, drivers need to be aware of the need to inspect their tyres on a regular basis, including the spare. Not only will this reduce vehicle downtime, but it minimises the risk of breakdowns and even fines if a tyre tread drops below the legal limits. With a few simple checks, drivers can avoid the risks and businesses can maintain a safer, more efficient fleet.”

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Ian cook's Gravatar
Ian cook

Friday, September, 1st, 2017

I knew about the tread limit, but it may be a good idea if tyre fitters pointed out to customers that once the tread reaches or nears the little blocks in the tread its time to have them checked by a professional. They are easy enough to see and check, and the little indicator on the tyre wall (TWR) indicates thier location. Checking tyre pressusres weekly is equally important, incorrect ones can cause skids if over inflated and higher fuel consumption if under infflated to name but a couple of things.