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CAA conducts Second Review of Airport Accessibility

Posted in General News on Friday, September 1st, 2017

Since the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) conducted its first review of disabled assistance at airports in 2015 a number of airports have made improvements to their assistance procedures, but there are still four major airports which according to the CAA, provide a poor quality of disabled assistance. Manchester airport, Exeter, East Midlands and Heathrow airport have all been criticised for not making improvements to their accessibility and the airports at Manchester, Exeter and the East Midlands have received further criticism in the CAA’s report for not conducting any consultations into the quality of their ‘special assistance’ which includes disabled customers.  The airports that performed well in the review were those that consulted with disabled customers on a regular basis. Norwich, Glasgow Prestwick and Inverness were all given a rating of ‘very good’ in the report. The CAA concluded that Norwich, Glasgow Prestwick and Inverness were all said to be “efficient and well organised” and were “regularly praised by passengers for their understanding and patience.”      

The CAA’s research also revealed that the number of people who requested ‘special assistance’ at airports rose from 2.7 million in 2015 to more than 3 million in 2016. Manchester airport is keen to reassure the public that it is working hard to improve accessibility, a spokesman for the airport commented: “Starting this financial year, we have launched a disability engagement programme, with the first quarterly forum being held last month. We regularly review customer satisfaction surveys relating to this area, with the majority of customers currently rating us very good. However, we constantly strive to deliver a better experience for all our passengers and will continue to do so in the months ahead.”

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Mr.Charles Hopkins's Gravatar
Mr.Charles Hopkins

Wednesday, September, 6th, 2017

Heathrow airport is very slow to get you to your next gate if you have a transfer to another airline.canadair is the best to meet you and get you through customs and out to meet people picking you up. George best airport is the same no gangway off plane .British Airways is the only one that has gangway.