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High Fuel Prices at Motorway Services

Posted in General News on Friday, September 1st, 2017

New research conducted by the AA reveals that drivers who use motorway service stations to refuel their cars could potentially have to pay an extra 24p per litre compared to supermarket fuel prices. Motorway service petrol stations are charging as much as 131.9p per litre while the fuel prices at some supermarket petrol stations is as low as 107.7p per litre.

The AA’s research also showed that fuel prices can vary from place to place making it somewhat of a postcode lottery. The petrol stations on some busy duel carriageways, for example, are charging 117.9 per a litre when the UK average is 116.5p. The statistics suggest that those travelling through the west of the country will get the best deal at motorway services with fuel prices of around 117.9p per litre. At the time that the research was conducted, the cheapest fuel prices were found at Junction 27 on the M5 at Tiverton and junction 28 at Cullumpton. The President of the AA, Edmund King, commented: “On motorways ridiculously high pump prices tar the image of all retailers on the network, which is clearly not the case for all – and could be remedied with Continental-style pump price transparency.” In other words, the AA president is calling for fuel prices to reflect the cost of oil across all petrol stations so that motorists pay a fair price for their fuel at all times.

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Roy Holt's Gravatar
Roy Holt

Friday, September, 1st, 2017

Just one more very good reason then for keeping a decent diesel car that does over 70 mpg and runs 650 miles or more between fills. Not filled up at a motorway rip off stop for years.

Steve 's Gravatar

Friday, September, 1st, 2017

service stations will always be expensive while people use them. If they were boycotted then the prices would have to go down. I tend to fill up before going onto motorways, or leave the motorway looking for alternatives such as supermarkets, garden centres etc. I know this is not practical for everyone, but I don't want to pay upto 40 pence a litre more for fuel.

Peter Melvyn's Gravatar
Peter Melvyn

Friday, September, 1st, 2017

Personally I couldn't care less what motorway service stations charge for fuel as I always fill up at my local supermarket filling station and the tank in my car holds sufficient fuel for over 500 miles of motoring, it I am hundreds of miles away from home then I would go to a supermarket filling station to fill up. You might find that quite a high percentage of car drivers using motorway service stations are driving company cars anyway and they do not care a jot what the fuel costs as they are not paying for it. Peter Melvyn

Norman Keedwell 's Gravatar
Norman Keedwell

Friday, September, 1st, 2017

Well just do not buy it and look for a service station near the motorway there are lots and get you fuel there, but first mack sure you have fuel before you go on a motorway. It is not a hard thing to do I would like to see A fine for those that run out o fuel on any road, as if you do not keep an eyy on your fuel what else do you not look after on your car

Miss miki-jay powell's Gravatar
Miss miki-jay powell

Saturday, September, 2nd, 2017

Prices at mway services are already costing £1.34 per litre for petrol and £1.36 for diesel. It's time the government stepped in to curb these rip off prices. The current excuse is distance, yet most carriers use the motorways to get around so there is no valid reason for this

Sam Dhaliwal's Gravatar
Sam Dhaliwal

Saturday, September, 2nd, 2017

Prices at Motorway stations are often astronomical! Supermarkets tend to keep prices "reasonable".

Peter Marcinkowski's Gravatar
Peter Marcinkowski

Friday, November, 3rd, 2017

I had been stuck in traffic on the M62 for ages being diverted after the M1 was closed. I went to Ferrybridge services as I was running low and didn't know the area so wasn't aware of any cheaper garages. 135 a litre for petrol. Only put a tenners worth in just to get by. Re entered the A1 southbound and within two miles the first garage was only 119 a litre. Wish I had known I'd have just kept going for 5mins extra. Being disabled and not knowing the area made me a bit anxious. Will never use a services again for petrol. About time something was done about this.