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Traffic Police Numbers Falling

Posted in General News on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

The number of traffic police officers in Britain has fallen by 30% since 2007 due to a lack of funding. Responding to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request issued by the Press Association, police forces across Britain reported that in 2007 there were 3,766 serving traffic officers and now in 2017 there are only 2,643.

On a local level, the number of traffic officers working in Greater Manchester has dropped by 69% since 2007. The Press Association was informed that there was 241 traffic officers working in Greater Manchester 10 years ago and that figure has dropped to 75 in 2017. Nottinghamshire’s figures have fallen from 138 down to 61, a drop of 56%. The third local authority on this list of policing cuts is the West Midlands, according to the figures the number of traffic officers in this area has dropped by 52% from 384 to 186. Louise Haigh, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Policing and Crime, commented: “These savage cuts will deeply alarm the public as reckless drivers will feel able to offend with impunity.” Jayne Willets, a spokesperson for the Police Federation, shares these concerns, she said: “The introduction and use of new technology is welcome but the visibility of the police cannot be overstated as a deterrent and a reassurance to the public. Unfortunately the thin blue line is becoming too thin.”

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Andy Hollingbery's Gravatar
Andy Hollingbery

Tuesday, August, 1st, 2017

The only thing that surprises me with these figures is that there are as many as 2643 traffic officers. I can't remember the last time I saw a traffic car. But, of course, as the police operate a 3 shift system and at any one time about 25% of most work forces will be on leave, sick, on traning courses or otherwise not on duty, that leaves only 660 traffic officers to patrol the whole country. Or put another way, about one officer per 140 square miles!

Richard Tanner's Gravatar
Richard Tanner

Tuesday, August, 1st, 2017

I suggest that the phrase "reckless drivers will feel able to offend with impunity" is somewhat of an understatement. Many very foolish drivers ARE able to offend with impunity by overtaking on bends and hill brows or indulging in that ever popular manoeuvre of undertaking. It has now reached the point where, after pulling out to overtake it can be quite exciting moving back into the left-hand lane because of idiots undertaking and then careering across all three carriageways into the "fast" lane. There is very obviously a massive shortage of police cars, but what does that matter as long as costs are cut.

Sam Dhaliwal's Gravatar
Sam Dhaliwal

Tuesday, August, 1st, 2017

Doesnt surprise me one bit with the Tory cuts! Reporting traffic offence/s police advise it'll be on system. Police can't/won't take action.