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Mobile Phone Problem Persists

Posted in General News on Friday, July 14th, 2017

Despite the changes to the law regarding the penalties for using a mobile phone while driving, many drivers are still doing it. In Fact, 40% of the drivers who were recently surveyed by the RAC Foundation admitted that even causing an accident wouldn’t be enough to stop them checking their phones while they were driving. The survey also looked in to some of the other situations that would persuade some people to stop using their phones while driving, for example 55% said that if they felt they were going to be caught by a police officer they would stop doing it, 54% said they would be deterred if they knew someone who had been a victim of a mobile phone related accident and 53% would be persuaded to change their ways if they were responsible for causing a near miss. The Managing Director of the RAC Foundation, Simon Williams, believes that these figures are not high enough, he commented: “Handheld phone use has become rooted in the behaviour of some drivers and it is going to take a herculean effort to change their mindset.”

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David Dryden's Gravatar
David Dryden

Friday, July, 14th, 2017

My Niece once told me that she texted a friend while driving. I told her what would her daughter think if her Mum was dead. Her reply was it can't happen to me.So I pointed her to a website and when she had taken in what she saw sha promised never to do it again. So what did she see. A man standing by his wrecked car with both his wife and little girl dead inside. The other driver swore he wasn't texting. The police proved without a shadow of doubt that he was. Three lives ruined because a selfish driver thought it can't happen to me. When I drive my phone is switched off until I get to my destination or stop at a motorway services. Please don't do it.

John's Gravatar

Saturday, July, 15th, 2017

It surprises me to see using the phone even in modern cars that are factory fitted with hands free