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Stockport Resident Wins Parking Court Case

Posted in General News on Friday, July 14th, 2017

Blessing Burgess, from Stockport, was taken to court by the private parking company, Excel, after she refused to pay a parking fine that she had been issued for entering the wrong registration number into the payment system.

Mr Burgess had entered the vehicle registration for the family’s other car and because the couple could prove that this had been an honest mistake the parking company offered to reduce the fine by £10. Mrs Burgess didn’t relent though, she argued that because Excel hadn’t lost any money they were just out for profit. Mrs Burgess said: “They kept sending us horrible letters and we got threatening messages from a debt collection agency too. It was hard not to be intimidated by the letters – I really felt like they were trying to scare me. We even did mediation, but they were talking as though if it came to court I would definitely lose, like I didn’t stand a chance.”

Mrs Burgess went on to represent herself in court and she eventually won the case. From her point of view all the evidence suggested that the family had made an honest error, that they were not trying to deceive the parking company and that they had not done anything illegal. Thankfully for her and her family, the judge saw things the same way. Following the case, an Excel Spokesman commented: “Motorists are required to enter their full Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) when purchasing a ticket. Ms Burgess entered a totally different VRM, thus breaching the clear terms and conditions. We are currently considering our position in relation to the judge’s decision and will refrain from any further comment at this stage while the matter is ongoing.”

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David Smith's Gravatar
David Smith

Friday, July, 14th, 2017

Well done Mrs Burgess, they certainly did not EXCEL in public relations!!!

Paul Robert Walker's Gravatar
Paul Robert Walker

Friday, July, 14th, 2017

EXCEL already has an appalling track-record against motorists here in Stockport, especially on one particular popular shopping area which has a large selection of well-known retail outlets - the Peel Centre - and so ANY success by a private individual who hasn't in reality created any loss of income to EXCEL is to be congratulated and applauded. EXCEL over many years has always tried to put the public off from appealing against fines on the basis that EXCEL will ALWAYS win - but this case proves it's definitely worth the effort. Well done ! Paul R.Walker.

Christine Fleming's Gravatar
Christine Fleming

Friday, July, 14th, 2017

Mrs Burgess must have got a ticket to park her car. So even if the number was a mistake then a parking fee has been paid. It is easy to mix up car VRM if there is more than 1 car in a family. We all know what we should do but mistakes can be made. Did Excel want her to leave the car park or put the right number in thereby paying twice? Would they have refunded Mrs Blessing?? I think not!!!! Come on Excel have you never made a mistake genuinely or not???

Andy Ebben's Gravatar
Andy Ebben

Friday, July, 14th, 2017

Whilst Wxcel are right in what they say, the cost of appeal surely cannot be logical unless they have money to burn!

Patrick D's Gravatar
Patrick D

Friday, July, 14th, 2017

Well done Mrs Burgess. I had a parking ticket issued to me at a hospital where I had paid for parking but due to another persons inconsiderate parking my car edged over the bay by a few inches. I decided that I had paid the correct amount to park and due to someone else parking incorrectly I had acted in good faith. I to was subjected to bullying letters etc. but eventually the company dropped the case. If you feel that you're in the right, pick up your pen and give them a fight!!

mike wiltshire's Gravatar
mike wiltshire

Friday, July, 14th, 2017

Good for her

Lyn Wilson's Gravatar
Lyn Wilson

Friday, July, 14th, 2017

I was fined by Excel about 5 years ago because I had not displayed my blue badge even though I had paid to park. I explained it was shortly after my husband had died and it was a genuine mistake and my mind was on other things. They wouldn't listen and I had to pay. So I was pleased this person has won a case against them.

David Smith's Gravatar
David Smith

Saturday, July, 15th, 2017

If a person is found to be driving without insurance then under the Road Traffic Act the vehicle can be seized. The same should apply for the offfence of using a mobile phone whilst driving. In addition the vehicle should be crushed. However it is a littel known fact that you can legally use a 2 way radio whilst driving. Can someone tell me the difference?

Phil 's Gravatar

Saturday, July, 15th, 2017

These parking companies think they can getaway with anything. I have memory problems, (along with my other disabilities), so there are occasions I forget to put my badge up, especially when I park up at home as there are only 7 disabled spaces in the vicinity of my flat, (There are 3 blocks in the same vicinity each containing 60 flats), 3 of which are outside my block & there are at 5 of us with blue badges in this block alone. Grrrrrr

Ian Carmichael's Gravatar
Ian Carmichael

Saturday, July, 15th, 2017

Well done Blessing, I had a similar experience last year. I parked in a hospital car park on a disabled bay and showed my blue badge, as per the regulation, I was supposed to either telephone the parking company or leave my registration with the hospital reception. I couldn't find a telephone, I had left my mobile at home and the hospital reception was unmanned, due to the late hour. I, of course, received a PCN about a month later with the relevant spy camera photos. I disputed the PCN on the grounds of the unsatisfactory method of informing the parking company. After many weeks, with the fee increasing all the time I informed the company that I was not, under any circumstances going to pay them and they had better refer it to the local county court. They then relented and asked me to send them a scan of my blue badge and they then rescinded, very grudgenly, the PCN. Always fight these extortionate PCN's you have nothing to loose. As long as there is a dispute they cannot increase the fee. Ian.