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20mph Zones Could Become More Common

Posted in General News on Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Over the next three years you could potential see the speed limit on roads reduced from 30mph to 20mph due to a UK wide study into the road safety benefits of lowering the speed limit by 10mph in built up areas. This study is being conducted by the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy. The speed limits on a number of roads in Edinburgh and Belfast have already had their speed limits lowered by 10mph to test the theory that traffic accidents and accidents are reduced when people are travelling at lower speeds.

The main focus of the study will be on road safety and the comparison of accident statistics, but the two organisations will also be looking into the impact that lowering the speed limits in built up areas has on the UK’s emissions levels and peoples quality of life. Once the study has finished in 2020 and all the data is collected the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy will use the information to advise UK councils on the best way to consider cutting speed limits and the impact that lower speed limits are likely to have. Dr Ruth Jepson, from the University's Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics, commented: “We are excited to launch this major project, which we hope will provide very important insights into the public health effects of such initiatives. We anticipate that our broad focus will generate a wealth of evidence and learning that will be invaluable for informing future roll-outs of similar schemes in the UK and around the world.”

There are a number of organisations which are helping to fund the study including NHS Health Scotland, the National Institute for Health Research and the Sustrans charity. Andy Cope, Director of Insight, Research and Monitoring at Sustrans, said:  “This study will provide vital intelligence on the impact of 20mph speed limits on safety and levels of physical activity. We await its findings with key interest.”

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Martin Norman 's Gravatar
Martin Norman

Monday, July, 3rd, 2017

This would be a fantastic achievement and massive contribution to the Safety and Welfare of People in Communities across the Nation. As an ex Professional Driver who has covered tens of thousands of miles in Central London,the West End and all over East Anglia,I've already noticed many schemes promoting "20 is plenty",and it's true. Anyone who speeds during the School run,for example,would not stand a chance of stopping in time should a child accidentally step out into the road,and I have seen this many a time. So yes,let's see this limit rolled out across the Country as soon as possible!

Aubrey Trevains's Gravatar
Aubrey Trevains

Friday, July, 7th, 2017

Good idea but not many drivers adhere to the 20mph especially where I live which has a built up housing estate, local schools and shops. Drivers tailgate you because you're not going more than 20mph and then try to intimidate you to go faster, so it will be interesting to see how this will be policed.

Paul R.Walker's Gravatar
Paul R.Walker

Wednesday, November, 15th, 2017

Yet another "study" to screw the motorist, reduce speed, and increase congestion and frustration all in one go. Who comes up with these ideas to reduce traffic to a snail's pace - especially on roads already reduced from double to single file and having buses which stop every few hundred yards. Which idiot reduced the speed limit down to 30mph on one of Manchester's main, very wide dual carriageway entry points to the city (Princess Parkway) also having a very large grassed-over central reservation ? We've already got 20mph here in Manchester but most traffic continues to "flow" at 30 to 35 mph. Paul Walker