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Atos has Rebranded

Posted in General News on Thursday, June 15th, 2017

On the 12th June the company, Atos, changed its name to Independent Assessment Services (IAS). The assessment providers have explained the main reasons for the change, firstly, the new name distinguishes the company from the DWP by making it clear that they are ‘independent’ assessment providers, and secondly it better explains the service that the company provides. The staff working at (IAS) would like to reassure Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claimants that the name change will not have any impact on the way things are run, any assessments that were booked under Atos Healthcare will still go ahead as planned and the way these assessments are carried out will also remain the same.

IAS has also designed a brand new website as part of the rebranding process, It is thought that the new web address will be easier for PIP claimants to remember because it is very descriptive, and people will also be able to locate it through a search engine without any problems. Following recommendations from Paul Grey who conducted an independent review of PIP, the new websites functionality and accessibility have been improved to make it easier for PIP claimants to understand the assessment process.

If you need to get in touch with IAS and you are based in Scotland or the North of England you can call 0300 3300 120, and if you are based in London or the South of England you can call 0300 3300 121. If you would prefer to contact them by email you can address it to

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Gerrie Norcross's Gravatar
Gerrie Norcross

Friday, June, 16th, 2017

Another rebranding? Changing the name to protect the guilty. Anyone remember Winsdcale and the leak of radioactive waste in the 1950's? Birth defects, particularly across the Irish Sea. Now it's called Sellafield. I'm not sure rebranding ATOS is going to do any PIP applicants better than before.

rowe's Gravatar

Sunday, June, 18th, 2017

Independent !! Really !! My wife and i recieved a letter from atos on headed paper and one side it says Atos and the other side of page says DWP, When we asked dwp advisor about this headed paper, He was struggling to find the words to explain it.