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Rising Car Repair Bills

Posted in General News on Thursday, June 15th, 2017

The cost of repairing your vehicle has risen by 32% since 2014, experts believe that this is because an increasing number of vehicles are being fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Due to the complexity of these systems it costs an average of £1,678 for drivers to have their vehicles repaired. The CEO of Thatcham Research, Peter Shaw commented: “The average repair bill has risen by 32 per cent over the last three years. This has been driven by the reparability of parts such as headlamps, increasing complexity of vehicle materials and technology and the rising cost of spare parts, influenced to some extent by currency fluctuations. Vehicle manufacturers must bring these costs under control.” Replacing a damaged windscreen on many new vehicles can now cost as much as £700 due to the ADASs which are installed in to the glass giving new cars safety features such as autonomous emergency braking. At present it is estimated that more than 2million cars on Britain’s roads are fitted with this technology. Thomas Hudd, Operations Manager at the Thatcham Research Repair Technology Centre said: “The rising use of a mix of new materials in modern cars is leading to more intrusive repairs. This means that where we were once able to partially replace a panel, we now need to replace it in its entirety. This is especially true of aluminium panels, which are challenging the repair industry as it is stiffer and harder to reshape than steel.” 

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David Barratt's Gravatar
David Barratt

Friday, June, 16th, 2017

The high cost of repairs is a fair reflection of the complexity of modern cars with all the associated safety equipment, I would rather be safe than sorry. It is also the case that many systems are exclusive to a particular brand and thee is little or no competition of repairs, servicing is another matter and money can be saved there by careful shopping around. The major car makers would prefer to keep you captive in their network to fleece you repeatedly for servicing but there are many reputable independent garages who can do a great job at a very fair price if you are prepared to look around.

Ray Spalding's Gravatar
Ray Spalding

Friday, June, 16th, 2017

I think that you need to be VERY careful before bandying about figures such as those quoted as they and you correspondent Davids letter look suspiciously like figures as are quoted by Politicians to prove their point rather than the true facts experienced by everyday motorists. To clarify: Your figures look suspiciously like those quoted for Company cars which are serviced/repaired under contracts by main dealers etc. I have today had work done on my own car brakes for which I paid £206.00, having been quoted by a local branch of Halfords £300.00+ for the same work. I suspect that the after market parts were not sourced from the main dealer. but for a replacement part for the same car for a car specific part,thus only available nia main dealer £70.00 for a badge which is part of the trim (I note that I need 1 piece of a set if 4, but part only sold as a kit of 4 Thus I suggest that, if you wish to make a point and actually achieve something do not undermine your argument by presenting skewed figures Yes prices have risen, but, I suggest not by 31% for all car users I will be interested to know your comments re: the above

Colin Riley's Gravatar
Colin Riley

Wednesday, March, 21st, 2018

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