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Take Part in Baywatch 2017

Posted in General News on Thursday, June 1st, 2017

DMUK’s Baywatch 2017 Campaign launches today and continues throughout June. During this campaign, we are asking disabled people to survey their local supermarket car park to measure the level of disabled bay abuse. Baywatch last took place in 2013 and we run the campaign every few years to try to improve the enforcement of disabled bays in supermarket car parks and educate car park operators about the importance of disabled bay enforcement. Visit the Baywatch section of our website for more information on how to get involved. DMUK would like to thank you for your participation.

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Sue Donnarumma's Gravatar
Sue Donnarumma

Thursday, June, 1st, 2017

Can you help to protest against changes to the mobility side of PIP? My daughter is 25 yrs old and born with Angelman Syndrome. She was assessed by social services in August 2016 and all of her skills are less then a child of 30 mouths! She is non verbal and needs one to one care for all her needs. She she had a blue badge for over 20 years. Last year she went from DLA to PIP and has enhance care and mobility. She has the maximum 12 points for mobility but these are for Planning and following a journing. She has no points on moving around! Which means she can no longer qualify for a blue badge !! This goverment seems to have redefined disability! Although my daughter can walk she is severely disabled and a wheel chair user. In order for her to get out of the car the door needs to be wide open which it not possible in a normal parking bay. Which means we have to try and find a bay too far away from our destination! It's making our life harder than it already is and impossible to do the activities that we used to do! Can you help us and all those in similar situation? Many thanks .

Karen's Gravatar

Friday, June, 2nd, 2017

Aberdare asda and track along with Merthyr Tydfil track and asda are beyond belief for disabled parking. Either no badges up, person not even in the car that has the badge and PeopleSoft have them and got big jeeps jumping in and out carrying soil, shopping, TVs etc. These are obviously claiming when they have nothing wrong with them. If social security​put up cameras in just these 4 supermarkets alone not only would they catch out the benefits fraudsters, fine the people who have no badge, fine the people using other people's badges when the person is not even there. If this was done it would be a massive help to us genuine people who need and rely on these parking spaces. The youngsters that use them and ones that are abusing the blue date scheme is a joke. It is hard enough for people​who genuinely need them to prove themselves and it is not fair. About cameras were put up

Kimberley Bradbury's Gravatar
Kimberley Bradbury

Tuesday, June, 13th, 2017

Great idea, wish I'd come across it sooner, lost 13 days of the month. No worries, I'll make up for it lol. Do you know if there is a similar Baywatch for parent and child spaces? Thanks, Kim

Ray Spalding's Gravatar
Ray Spalding

Friday, June, 16th, 2017

Slightly at variance with the main aim of your project may I raise the issue of some Supermarkets (e.g. Tesco Brigg Lincolnshire) where there is a block of disabled spaces, HALFWAY ACROSS a large car park a large part of which is open to the weather, all of the spaces close to the store are either Mother & Child or Pick up point both of which are often abused while also the official disabled, rarely abused because there are many ordinary spaces closer to the store, but still the disabled are so sited that any blue badge user on a typically English rainy day will be soaked for the benefit of shopping at Tesco. I will apply similar to the CiIp store at Witham St. Hughs Lincoln I have found others but do not recollect where

Mrs Dorothy Reid's Gravatar
Mrs Dorothy Reid

Wednesday, June, 28th, 2017

Today I shopped at B & Q at Garthdee Branch, Aberdeen. As I was returning to car, with a B & Q worker to put my shopping into car, a van pulled up blocking two disabled spaces, one with my car in it. The B & Q worker reacted as he saw it and called out to the man as he got out of the van that he mustn't park there. The man quickly moved his van to another correct parking space. I think they have 8 disabled parking bays.