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Traffic Levels in the UK Amongst Worst Worldwide

Posted in General News on Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

The UK has some of the most congested roads in the world. Our nation is second only to China when it comes to vehicle traffic levels. According to research by the sat-nav providers, TomTom, 11 of the 100 most congested cities in the world can be found in the UK.

Belfast has the highest traffic levels in the UK, drivers living in the Northern Irish capital spent a total of 200 hours stuck in traffic in 2016 and, at the busiest times motorists saw their travel times increase by as much as 87%. London and Edinburgh were next on the list, motorists in these two cities saw their travel times rise by an average of 40% last year.

On a global scale, an analysis of 390 cities across the world revealed that Mexico City suffered from the highest levels of congestion, motorists in this city saw their journey times increase by an average of 66% in 2016. Mexico City was closely followed by Bangkok which saw an average journey time increase of 61%.

Steve Gooding, the Director of the RAC, commented: “Road congestion is a high price to pay for having a successful economy, and the risk is that gridlock starts to strangle growth. That is why we don’t just need sustained investment, to add capacity and install better traffic management systems, we need intelligent investment planned to minimise disruption during construction, minimise maintenance requirements, and provide more flexibility for the future.”

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Dorothy Chambers's Gravatar
Dorothy Chambers

Thursday, March, 16th, 2017

We also need joined up thinking about better public transport. When heavy industry dominated, buses often took workers from near their homes to their work place, or in smaller towns people walked or cycled. Now smaller units are often on the edge of town and city and personal transport is the best way to reach them. Road networks haven't matched this move. Also, goods ordered online demand more lorries to deliver them, and the rail network that used to ferry goods around Britain has had little investment either. I dread the thought of these islands covered in roads and houses with no green lungs left. As with the NHS, politics should be set aside and all parties work to find healthy solutions to these 21st century problems.