Medical conditions, disabilities and driving

Telling DVLA about a medical condition or disability

If you have a driving licence you must tell DVLA if:

  • you have a ‘notifiable’ medical condition or disability
  • your medical condition or disability has got worse since you first got your licence
  • you develop a new medical condition or disability

Notifiable medical conditions

‘Notifiable’ medical conditions and disabilities include epilepsy, strokes and other neurological conditions, mental health problems, physical disabilities and visual impairments.

You may need to tell DVLA if you have a health condition or medical treatment listed on their website. Follow the link below to see if you need to notify the DVLA regarding your medical condition.

DVLA Medical Conditions

If your licence was taken away following a medical condition, you must re-apply to DVLA before you start driving again.

Surrendering your licence

If your doctor tells you to stop driving because of your medical condition you must surrender your licence to DVLA.

What happens after you tell DVLA

DVLA aim to make a decision within 3 weeks. However, if they need more information about your medical condition it could take up to 90 working days because they might:

  • contact your doctor or consultant
  • arrange for you to be examined
  • ask you to take a driving assessment or an eyesight or driving test

What the DVLA will decide

Once the DVLA has assessed your medical condition or disability you may get to keep your old licence or get a new one issued with a shorter period licence for 1, 2 or 3 years. After this time your condition will need to be reviewed and you may need to adapt your car by fitting special controls or you may be told to stop driving and your licence will then be taken away.

Adapting your vehicle

If you have been told that you must adapt your car, you get an independent assessment of your adaptation needs through Driving Mobility.

Find out more about adapting your vehicle and where to get special controls fitted through the RIDC.

If your licence is taken away you’ll be given a medical reason why, and be told when you can re-apply for your licence. You’ll also be sent a notice that explains your right to appeal against the decision.

Renewing or re-applying for your licence

If you’ve been issued with a short period driving licence, DVLA will send you renewal application documents 90 days before your licence is due to expire.

If your licence was taken away, you need to check with your doctor that you meet the medical standards of fitness to drive before you re-apply.