In the past it could be difficult for some disabled people to get car insurance as many insurers did not understand about adaptations so would not insure adapted vehicles. These days it is generally much easier for disabled people to get quotes, and there is no evidence to suggest that disabled drivers pay higher insurance premiums because of a disability. It is also illegal for a car insurance company to charge you extra because of a disability unless they can prove it’s justified, as stated in the Equality Act 2010.

It can sometimes still be difficult to get quotes online as providors may want to speak to you directly to find out more about your disability, but DMUK rarely hears from people who have been refused insurance.

As well as the standard insurance companies there are also specialist insurers such as Fish and Adrian Flux who specialise in insuring disabled people. As well as getting quotes from the main insurers it is always a good idea to speak to one of these companies and see what they can offer, as often they will insure mobility equipment carried in your vehicle up to a certain amount and may be able to get you an adapted vehicle to drive should your own be off the road.