Blue Badge

For many disabled people, who cannot travel far from their vehicle, the Blue Badge is a lifeline. However, the system is sadly open to much abuse and we receive frequent reports from members who are directly affected by this.

However, after many years of campaigning for improvements to be made to the Blue Badge scheme DMUK was delighted when the new reforms were introduced in January 2011.

The new badges were rolled in over a three year period and now all badge holders have a new style badge making it easier for parking attendants to detect an out-of-date, fake or tampered badge. However, although these new style badges will help stop some fraud it will only stop family members from borrowing” badges if fraud investigators are on the ground making checks and  bringing abusers to court. There are some local authorities going above and beyond to stop abuse and others doing absolutely nothing.

Get involved

You can help Disabled Motoring UK in our campaign to stop Blue Badge abuse. Please write to your local MP and ask them what is being done to stop abuse and why it is so important that this crime is stopped.

Please copy Disabled Motoring UK into your letter so we can monitor how many MPs have been written to and we’d very much like to see a copy of their reply.

If you are unsure of how to word your letter please use the template provided.

You can find your MP here


Blue Badge Abuse – Template letter to your MP

Policy on Blue Badge