road tax exemption and reduction                  
To claim the exemption or reduction the vehicle must be :
  • Registered in the disabled person’s name or their nominated driver’s name.
  • It must be only be used for the disabled person’s personal needs. That means the vehicle can’t be used by the nominated driver for their own personal use.

You can only have one vehicle tax exemption or reduction at any one time.

Who can claim 100% exemption

You can apply for exemption from paying vehicle tax if you get the:

The Entitlement Certificate

To get your tax exemption or reduction you need to obtain a Certificate of Entitlement to DLA or PIP.  This should be sent through automatically.

If your certificate has been lost or stolen you will need to replace it.

You will also need to get a new certificate if either the registered keeper or the vehicle changes.

You can request a new certificate by contacting the appropriate number below. 

DLA (GB customers only)

Tel: 0345 712 3456                                                                                                                                     Textphone: 0345 722 4433

PIP (GB customer only) and AFIP (GB and NI customers)

Tel: 0345 850 3322                                                                                                                                       Textphone: 0345 601 6677

DLA (NI customer only)

Tel: 0300 123 3356                                                                                                                                         Texphone: 0300123 1008

War Pension, Service Personnel and Veterans Agency

Telephone: 0800 169 2277

You or the registered keeper do not need to get a new Certificate of Entitlement every year but you will need to use the serial number that is shown on the original certificate. Keep this number in a safe place. You or the registered keeper will need to use the serial number each year to renew in the disabled class.

If you are changing your car, or taxing it in the disabled class for the first time, you will need a new Certificate of Entitlement.

How to claim for the first time

If you are buying a new vehicle from a dealership than you should take your Certificate of Entitlement and claim the free tax.

If you buy a secondhand vehicle from a dealership then enquire with the dealer if they can change the tax class to 'disabled' on your behalf.  If they are not able to do it for you then you will need to tax it at the post office. 

The legal obligation lies with you to ensure that a vehicle is taxed before driving or keeping it on a public road.

For vehicles registered in Northern Ireland you should also take an insurance certificate valid on the day the tax comes into force.

If you are buying a vehicle from a private seller or changing your tax status on your existing vehicle then you can only do that at a Post Office branch that deals with vehicle tax.

What to take to the Post Office

You need to take:

  • the (V5C) registration certificate (log book) in your name, or a new keeper supplement (V5C/2) if you’ve just bought the vehicle
  • an MOT certificate that’s valid when the tax starts
  • Certificate of Entitlement
  • Insurance Certificate for vehicles registered in Northern Ireland

If you don’t have the V5C or V5C/2, download and fill in an Application a vehicle registration certificate V62 form (download here). Take it to the Post Office with the £25 fee.

How to renew free tax

Once the tax class of the vehicle is shown as disabled, you can use the Reminder V11 to get vehicle tax renewed or make a Statuatory Off Road Notification (SORN) in the following ways:

  • online at (not available for AFIP customers)
  • by phone on 0300 1234321 (not available for AFIP customers) 
  • by textphone on 0300 790 6201
  • at a Post Office branch that deals with vehicle tax

If you don’t have a V11 reminder, you should use your Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) instead.

You'll also need the surname, date of birth and National Insurance number of the exemption certificate holder along with the certificate serial number.

WHO CAN CLAIM 50% reduction on vehicle tax

You can apply for the 50% reduction  if you get the:

If you are entitled to the 50% discount, then you can ONLY obtain this by sending the appropriate paperwork to DVLA, Swansea, S99 1DZ.

You must send them the following:

  • Your Statement of Entitlement (at the end of your PIP award letter)
  • the vehicle registration certificate (V5C)
  • a V10 form (download here)
  • original MOT or GVT certificate (if your car needs one)
  • a cheque or payable order (made out to DVLA Swansea) for 50% of the full rate of car tax for the vehicle. You can find that here


Contact the DVLA by:

To find the address of your local DVLA office:

To find the address of your nearest Post Office that issues vehicle tax

  • Go to the website, or
  • Phone 08457 223344 or
  • Write to: DLA Unit, Warbeck House, Warbeck Hill, Blackpool, FY2 0YE